See what others are saying about our advanced probiotic skincare:

"It has been YEARS since I have seen my skin look this smooth. The bumps on my forehead are practically gone! I have also been so impressed with the improvement in the scars on my cheeks! I don't even notice the spots anymore! Those have been there for over 5 years and now I don't even think about it. But most of all, I have been impressed with the decrease in the breakouts. Whenever I see or feel a blemish, I apply some OBLITERATE and it begins to disappear within 12 hours! I have never had something work like that on my skin before."

Renee S. | Phoenix, AZ

"My face appears more youthful and rested. The deep lines are now fine lines and the fines lines are gone. Thank you. I am 40-something but I feel like 30-something because of your products."

Laurie K. | Phoenix, AZ

"I wanted to let you know how wonderful it was to be introduced to mybody products. I don’t know which product I like the best, they were all good! The wrinkles are less and my skin looks so much better. The wrinkles around the mouth, which are my least favorite thing to see, have certainly become better and I have a lip again! Thank you MY Body."

Audrey B. | Phoenix, AZ

"My skin felt instantly tighter after the probiotic peel. I noticed a lovely rosy glow. I had comments from co-workers about how beautiful my skin was and how it glowed. The next few days my skin was silky smooth with a radiant glow. I had a bit of sloughing but nothing noticeable. My skin has improved more each time I get a peel."

Bobi L. | Phoenix, AZ

"To be very honest I have never paid much attention to my skin until I started using your products. I didn’t notice before using them how dull and lifeless my skin looked and felt. In the last six weeks of using the product I love the way my skin is starting to look and feel and am very certain given the opportunity I would continue to use them. I have not used foundation make up since starting the program and before the program I wouldn’t have been caught dead without it. I use the PROTECT & SERVE in place of foundation and I absolutely can tell the difference in the way my skin looks and feels. My skin is soft and fine line wrinkles are diminishing significantly and the dark circles under my eyes have lightened also! It looks fresh and clean and not fake and I love that! Thank you so much for the opportunity to try the product. I think anyone who tries the product will be hooked as it is amazing!!!!"

Kathy T. | Phoenix, AZ

"The mybody products you’ve given me make my skin look and feel better every time I use them. I can tell a positive difference everyday and for the first time in my life, I can say that I am feeling beautiful and I’m starting to love the way I look."

Emilia D. | Phoenix, AZ

"These are the only acne products I’ve used that truly work and that feel good on my skin. Now, I have almost no breakouts or redness. It’s nice to feel confident again from the inside-out."

Emily W. | Phoenix, AZ

"As a woman who used Obagi for several years, I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE using mybody products! While I did see great results using Obagi, the rapid improvements I’ve seen using mybody have been amazing – and without invasive procedures. Within the first few days, I began receiving compliments from friends, family and clients - they asked me what I was doing and that my skin looked great! After 2 peels and using my products daily, I have to say that I honestly feel like I have erased about 10 years off my face! And actually, my skin looks BETTER than it did 10 years ago! I have noticed a smoother texture, smaller pores, lightening of sun/age spots, reduction in fine lines and just an all over glow! I am wearing less makeup and often just going out with my tinted sunscreen. So happy with my results!"

Sarah P. | Phoenix, AZ

"As an Aesthetician by trade, I know and understand the biology of our skin and the importance of using high quality, active skin care products. In fact, I have used many professional and medical grade skin care lines. I have not, in 20 years, seen a huge change in my skin with any product until mybody. mybody is second to NONE. In just 4 weeks of using your at home products and receiving 2 peels in office, my skin is the BEST it has ever been. I no longer have a bumpy texture to my skin. My skin glows, it’s smooth, and I mean smooth. My pore size is less noticeable and most importantly, my skin is virtually breakout free! I am truly loving this line."

Nicole H. | Phoenix, AZ

"When I was 30, I gave birth to my daughter and noticed thereafter that I developed brown spots all over my face (“Melasma”). Some of the Melasma went away over time, but some became more pronounced spots that get worse and worse if I’m in the sun, even with SPF 50. A dermatologist related one brown spot near my left eye as created by driving during the day. After 2 weeks of using mybody products, I’ve noticed that my skin is cleaner, smoother, softer, and wrinkles are less noticeable. I don’t have to use so much cover up as I did in the past. I’m looking forward to its effects 2 months from now, 6 months from now and even a year."

Denise V. | Los Angeles, CA

"BRIGHTAMIN-C is fantastic. The effects are felt immediately and just get better with time. Love It."

Karen 0. | Phoenix, AZ

"If my skin could talk it would say “this is the healthiest my skin has ever been.” Thanks, mybody!!"

Diane L. | Greenville, NC

"My favorite mybody products are FUTURE IS BRIGHT and PROTECT & SERVE. FUTURE IS BRIGHT has such a refreshing feeling and scent- the perfect start to my day! I don’t wear make-up but I’m totally addicted to PROTECT & SERVE because the tint gives me a finished look while providing UV protection from our harmful AZ sun!"

Seanna C. | Phoenix, AZ

"PROTECT & SERVE is the best tinted moisturizer on the market....If you want a dewy flawless look and great sun protection stock up!!!!!"

Johanna M. | Phoenix, AZ