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it’s a Beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together

Therese ClarkTherese Clark
renowned skin wellness expert, cosmetic product developer and beauty innovator. Today, Therese is one of the pioneers of Probiotic-infused skincare, fulfilling a demand for healthier, high-performance clinical solutions that also meets the ever-changing and unpredictable skincare needs of women.

After a surprise thyroid imbalance triggered inflammation resulting in acne, brown spots, and more lines, Therese was on the hunt for a high-performance clinical skincare solution that was simple to use, addressed her hormonal changes and met higher levels of health & safety, but to no avail. After amassing as much information as she could from articles, skin scientists and medical and holistic doctors, Therese fused progressive skin science and mind-body wellness principles to facilitate the creation of highly effective Probiotic-based skin solutions that quickly minimized her skin problems while providing healthier formulas.

Today, mybody skincare is a powerful, physician-endorsed line proven by sophisticated DNA Microarray gene testing that brings fast, visible results by minimizing inflammation - the root cause of thinning, aging and erratic skin.


Power players in skin come together to do what has not been done before – bring luxury skincare to a medically motivated line.
Health? Luxury? Results? Choose all & above in mybody.

Therese Clark

Co-Founder & Creator
As she struggled to identify an ongoing health issue and the negative effects it had on her skin, Therese Clark, an experienced beauty brand developer, fought to find real solutions. Finally, he made her own, becoming a pioneer for uniting women's health and beauty. Today, the name Therese Clark is synonymous with skincare.
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christine watson

Co-Founder, CEO & President
As a two-time breast cancer survivor, mybody is a mission for Christine Watson. Drawing on a retail and style heritage seeded at the venerable Harrods, she helped envision mybody as the luxury performance brand to earn the trust of discerning women while meeting the exacting rigor of physicians.
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David Watson

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
David Watson co-founded Philosophy and built the gamechanging brand BioMedic, leading both to huge success. Now this industry icon is taking on mybody, his next rock star brand, overseeing its development from strategy to formulation.
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