What is mybody

mybody is high performance probiotic skincare that harnesses the power of probiotics to re-awaken youthful processes within the body that slow with age to boost the skin's overall health and appearance.

What is our goal?

Our primary goal is to strengthen skin immunity to defy aging and problematic skin conditions through the use of topical probiotics, micronutrients and key peptides. When we view the skin as a blueprint of the body’s overall health, it becomes critically important to boost the immune system, both internally with proper nutrition and detoxification, balanced hormones and healthy lifestyle habits, as well as topically by using high-performance probiotic skincare that is both skin and body compatible.

mybody technologies focus on increasing CROSS-TALK defined as cellular communication between epidermal and dermal cells. CROSS-TALK is essential in promoting skin immunity and optimal wound healing resulting in skin that looks and acts younger, longer. Every harsh ingredient, peel or exfoliating treatment further compromises the epidermis, impairs CROSS-TALK and triggers inflammation. It’s critical to bring the epidermis back to a healthy state to counteract chronic inflammation that weakens our bodies and creates skin sensitivities.

Our second goal is to teach our skincare professionals and their patients how to use skincare products to maximize desired results without turning on cellular genes responsible for inflammation. This practice is called PULSE THERAPY, which is designed around a "less is more" philosophy.

What is the science behind mybody

BIOMIMICRY: The complex process of effectively mimicking and replacing specific molecules innate to the body, but that are lost with age (and due to other stressors) to stimulate bio functions critical to healthy/youthful skin, such as CROSS-TALK.

how does mybody deliever ingredients

BIOEMULSION DELIVERY: mybody formulas are bioemulsions that enhance the fusion of fatty acids in water for safer, more effective delivery. The entire delivery system is capable of being degraded by natural enzymes (lipases) for faster penetration, processing and disposal. BIOEMULSION DELIVERY also preserves the integrity of the epidermis.

why is this important

The excessive use of harsh ingredients (acids, L-Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin A, Hydroquinone, Benzoyl Peroxide, steroids and other prescription topicals) and (in combination with) ablative procedures, lead to accelerated aging with increased inflammation, skin degradation, weakened immunity, poor barrier function, and sensitive skin conditions. A healthy epidermis is central to the overall health of the body and cosmetically youthful skin. Chronic micro-inflammation (often unseen) can further compromise health, especially in patients suffering from cancer or other diseases.


While some inflammation is necessary for the degradation of old collagen, chronic inflammation inactivates the essential growth factors to restore the wound and often results in fibrogenic effects including scarring.

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